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Are you planning to hire a maids services for the domestic course? And looking for a part time maid? In this context, we did why you not to hire a full-time maid for part time work. While hiring a maid make sure to check whether they are working as a full time maid domestic maid elsewhere. In such a reality, you cannot hire the same maid as a part timer for your domestic chores.

This is as per law. 
It is important to why full time domestic maid cannot workers part time maids services to bring you clarity. Many issues arise in this context. We’ll discuss them here briefly.

Who is a foreign domestic worker (FDW)? 
An FDW is a worker as per the job contract. They’re of a different nationality. For this, they have to possess a work permit that is acceptable. They are allowed to work only for their employees alone. They cannot seek employment elsewhere even if it is part time. They are permitted to perform domestic course alone no other kind of jobs that are assigned. It is important to note that if you are hiring FDW, they will have to work at the address that you have specified in the MOM.

The job profile of an FDW includes cooking, shopping food and other domestic goods, performing and ironing and laundry.

Laws related to FDWs
There are several laws that protect foreign domestic workers. These laws are meant to improve the working conditions of foreign domestic workers. From time to time, the rules under different laws are being changed by the government as required so that they will suit the needs and interests of the foreign domestic workers.

FDWs are mandated to live with their employer’s family. The law also makes employer accountable make proper accommodation available to the FDW.

The employer should make sure for the provision for the right to medical and insurance care. To be made available by their employees. Doing so, the employers must not deduct any part of the maid’s salary to finance the medical and insurance services that are offered by the company. They must be borne by the employer.

Laws for employees
There are multiple laws that govern how to deal with oven employee relations with respect to our and domestic workers. Discuss how the employee should behave with respect to various issues like their personal or keep accommodation health and safety. The employer must not allow the FDW if the latter does not have a lawful work permit. If a worker does not possess the aforesaid document, the employer must not put them in work even if it was an error. Even in that case as well, the employer will be liable as per law. 

Liability on the part of the employer 
As an employer you will be responsible for your full time domestic worker. If your maid is found to be involved in part time or non domestic work, you will be you are likely to be put behind the bars. You’re likely to be blacklisted by the authorities. The implication of this is you will not be able to hire a maid in future – you’ll be permanently banned. 
You’re the employer and even if you sponsor employment other than household work it is not legal. 

Work tasks that are not to be assigned to FDW 
If you engage your FDW in car washing, gardening, repair work, tutoring of your children, and the like: none of them is not considered domesticcourse. The government cites some examples such as cooking, working in employer’s store or working in employer’s food stall. In other words the FDW is permitted to work on tasks that are completely sponsored by the employer and they should be within the premises of the employer. They cannot go beyond.Even if you engage them as a worker in your food shop, you cannot ask them to serve customers. It may be a legal liability on your part.

Avoid confusion 
To avoid any kind of trouble with your FDW, make sure you discuss with them the employment contract, the regulations thereof, the nature of the job, the duties involved in the job and the like. Staying with clarity will avoid any kind of liability for you. At the same time, it will also avoid the needless dichotomy with rules, etc. 

Note all the points you discussed with your employee. Get them signed by the employee. Share a copy of with the employee. This will be a helpful document. In case a doubt arises, they refer to it.

Communication is important 
There should be mutual communication between you and your FDW to ensure an enduring working relationship.

Ask them to give genuine feedback on the professional work environment. 
Find out whether she’d like to work during her leisure time and extra money. This will help you to find the best way to find a way out for her.

The job of FDW 
The job of FDW will involve household work and the jobs is time-consuming. They do a great job because by doing their job rightly will lead to a better life for their employers. That is really rewarding. 
An FDW should not look for a part time employment from the morality perspective. At the same time, it brings a liability on the part of the employer as well as the employee. Of course, it has to be decided by the law who is liable in each case.

Employer’s liability 
The employee may be liable and may be penalized if they are found to have illegally diploid an FDW. 

If an employer is found to have an FTW who have no lawful work permit, the employer will be penalized as per law. They may get imprisonment for a year or you may get both fine as well as imprisonment. If it is repeated, it will result in compulsory imprisonment. This is not negotiable.

Why Full Time Domestic Maid Cannot Work As part time maid 
By now, it is clear why a full time domestic maid cannot work as part time maid. The liability is mainly for the employer. In fact, the liability is completely of employer’s. Therefore, while making a decision regarding employment of an FTW, make sure that you don’t infringe any law. Go through the laws properly. Understand, take professional help if need be. This will rule out the avoidable tension, liability, and other negative consequences on yourself and your family. Don’t get a shoddy image in face of your foreign domestic workers’ view.

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